Love Renewed

Love Renewed - Angela J Thompson

Love Renewed

Love is an amazing thing. It is what many people are searching for. We look for it everywhere, under every rock and in every heart. I get it… love feels good and lets just be honest, we all like to feel good. So much so that the “feeling” of love can be addictive. Thus, why we look for it everywhere.  Sometimes we even fabricate that feeling of love and then superimpose it on others so that we can wrap ourselves in the illusion of “being in love”. This is one of the most dangerous and damaging practices we can inflict upon ourselves and others.  At all costs we must seek to avoid this state of being. We simply deserve better.

I believe to avoid the “illusion” of love we really need to understand the nature of romantic love from a very simple and fundamental standpoint. We must first learn to fall in love with ourselves before we can ever fall in love someone else. Attempting to love someone else without loving ourselves is a “dependency” that leads to pain and heartache for everyone involved.

The solution is not complicated. In fact it is quite simple in approach. Learn to spend quality time with yourself. Being alone doesn’t mean you have to experience the feeling of be lonely. We have to program ourselves to enjoy time with ourselves. We do this by doing things that we really enjoy. Be active and engaging with ourself. Heck, take yourself out on a date! Not just any ole date but a special date. Have a day during the week that is just for you. Go to a spa to be pampered. Love on yourself and be good to yourself… I mean really good. We must learn to appreciate ourselves and be thank for who we are to ourselves. You can’t except someone to love you better than you love yourself or do things for you that you won’t even do for yourself. This process teaches us so much about who we really are and what it is that makes us truly happy.

When we continue this type of self love for a good period of time it allows us to become more of a “whole” person. We become solid in our foundation and thus ready to engage in a true connection with someone else. Loving yourself and maturing from this healthy place is the best gift you could ever give to yourself and ultimately someone else. Love is renewed first from within and then given away freely. Now you are ready to date.

A.D. Roberts,
Success Coach

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